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I came at this from an unconventional perspective. I didn´t go to film school, or
anything in relation to the audiovisual world. My great love of photography and the
possibility of travelling at a very young age meant that my training was developed in
the field from a freelance point of view.
Destiny gave me the opportunity to acquire my knowledge through the path between
great talents and professionals of the medium during my beginnings. Throughout the
years I have shared jobs with people in the industry that have allowed me to continue
learning and evolving at different levels.
My passion for the ocean, mountains and extreme sports was the hook, plus I always
had a fascination for exploring nature, cultures and people, which has made me travel
to remote places giving me the opportunity to capture unique moments and places
and develop my camera skills. My work is varied and diverse, from independent
documentary filmmaking with several projects such as "A week alive" or "7 years
90minutes"; to television productions for networks such as BBC or LIFESTYLE TV . I have
photographed for different media and areas, obtaining several magazine covers and
collaborating in several editorial offices.
Advertising spots, sport brands image, TV series and documentaries are part of my last

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T- +34 647 516 971

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